Sunday, 25 November 2012

Cafe Review :- Hoshino Coffee, Plaza Singapora, Singapore

We walked around the expanded Plaza Singapura and came across a delightful Japanese Style Cafe. It was very busy and the sweet snacks looked tempting.

 We were met and promptly ushered to a table for two.

The waiter did admit that they were short of waiting staff and unfortunately we did notice this when we ordered. I'm sure the management will sort this out quickly as it is a very popular and nice place.
 The Honey Pancake melted in your mouth and was absolutely delicious. We would not hesitate to order this beauty again. The texture of the pancake was exquisite.

We recommend you try it.
 The Mango Smoothie tasted fresh of the juicer - but not particular special either.
 Being health conscious souls - we love Matcha and the Jot Matcha Latte was tasty - well mixed and the presentation in this fine bowl was nice.
 The Vanilla Souffle was gorgeous - it went particularly well with the Matcha Latte.

The Vanilla center was so tasty. Highly recommended.
Quite an expensive place - as you see - over $40 dollars for 2 - but a really nice place to spend a Saturday Afternoon chatting with Friends and spending some relaxing times. Make sure you beat the crowds though.

2/5 for Service

4/5 for food and drink.

Verdict :- Recommended.


  1. Note that their service has still got a long way to go... how long does it take for two cups of their coffee to be made? 15 min?

    One of our pancake souffle came even before the coffee, even though the pancake souffle takes at least 20 minutes to make...

    After reminders, we still waited like close to 30 minutes beofre the coffee came and then when we asked, the waitress admitted that they forgot to make sure it was on our orders... later when another waiter served us the Matcha souffle and was probed why our coffee took so long to be served... this time he gave the answer that it's because it takes a long time to make the coffee... obviously just giving "standard" sweeping answers...

    1. I'm sorry you experienced similar issues with the service I hope that they take heed - that slow service is unacceptable - however nice the place.

      Thanks for contributing and I wish you happier future restaurant/cafe experiences in Singapore!